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Boddy and Cloth: Behind the scenes at The Textile Farm.



This blog shares an insight into the journey, with details of the preparations undertaken for the final modules of a BA (Hons) Textiles in Knit, Weave and Mixed media and going on to build an environmentally sustainable cloth and fashion label. It shares the processes that go into creating the cloth and garments themselves from field to finished product. You can join me on that journey further by signing up to a newsletter where you can keep up to date on the activities here at The Textile Farm from new products, collections and find out when the next workshops are.

Simplifying the view.

By Pamela Boddy, Nov 2 2017 12:30AM

First impressions, start to create memories. Scanning the landscape is a bit like one of those QCR barcodes. The lines, marks, dots and slashes, quickly registering to guide you to more information. Focusing intently on this ‘barcode’ provides interesting outcomes. The juxtaposition of the softer flora set amongst hard geological elements, providing colour and form. Lines created by fissures in the cliffs, such as at Old Hunstanton, Norfolk. Those patterns set in several stratums of different textured ‘sediments’ or the manmade lines here in Wales, no more than 50 yards from home. The cultivation patterns in the distant forests, skirted by the straight shadows of the distinct uniform trunks. Like any meditation practice, this unique fingerprint of a place becomes clearer when the mind is focused on less. At this point, finding colour a distraction to exploring ‘form’, it helps to work in ‘black’ and white or as is often the case Paynes Grey or Prussian Blue. Why remove the colour, when it is so essential to cloth? When initially considering designs it helps to spend time focusing on form, to provide food for patterns and weave structures even as a way of preparing for digital consideration. Reducing the ‘noise’ and complexity by this simplification also helps to create that first impression however, fleeting the moment may be, capturing its essence for translation.

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Fascinating insight into The Textile Farm, where cloth is created straight from the field. Bespoke, natural, sustainable.

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